Buddha Jayanti

Lord Buddha, a great personality, teacher, philosopher, governess, and guide, completely awakened from the desires of worldly attachments. Lord Buddha was born in 543 BC as Prince Siddhartha Gautam in the middle of a saline orchard in the present-day Kapilvastu district of Nepal.

For peace, truth, nonviolence, and simplicity, the Lord Buddha is the world’s master. More than 2500 years ago, the continuous flow of his knowledge gave the human community a new peaceful dimension. On the occasion of Baishakh Shukla Purnima, or Buddha Jayanti, let us consider this magnificent man Lord Gautam Buddha. This Baishakh Shukla Purnima is extremely significant in Gautam Buddha’s life. On this Baishakh Purnima day, he was born, gained knowledge, and passed away.

From the Dead Sea to the Pacific Ocean’s Marianas Trench, and from Benaras to Beijing, Buddha Jayanti is commemorated nowdays. Despite the fact that the Lord  Buddha’s physical body has been destroyed, his wisdom, words, and spiritual abilities continue to exist in all of our thoughts.

A great man who has reached enlightenment or understood the ultimate truth is referred to be a Lord Buddha. The earth will be a lovely planet if the Buddha‘s knowledge is absorbed; the world requires another Buddha; return, Shakyamuni, and offer the message of peace. Happy Buddha Jayanti, everyone!

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