Ekanta Kumari (The living Goddess of Bhaktapur)

Ekanta Kumari (The living Goddess of Bhaktapur) is revered as a living deity in the ancient city of Bhaktapur. The daughters from the Shakya and Bajracharya households, ranging in age from two to eight, are chosen to be the living goddess. The females are picked based on their favorable birth signs, other skills, and with the approval of their guardians .According to custom, on the day of the Gathasthapana of the Bada Dashain Festival (Mohani Nakha:), Bhaktapur’s Ekanta Kumari is taken to Basantapur’s Kumari Ghar, where she remains for the duration of the celebration.

As the only Living Goddess in the world, the Kumari, or living manifestation of Goddess Taleju, is venerated and worshipped. Nepal is a country rich in heritage and culture. In Sanskrit, the word “Kumari” implies virgin. Including “the goddess of beauty and strength,” “the manifestation of goddess Taleju Bhawani,” and many others she is referred to as the Living Goddess . As worshiped “Kumari” or the Living Goddess up until the time of her first period, which is thought to be the moment the goddess leaves a girl’s body.

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