Gai Jatra

In Newari community  celebrate Gai Jatra, also known locally as “Sa:Paru,” a distinctive carnival, in the Kathmandu valley. On this day, people remember all of the people who have died over the years. The family and close family members parade through the city carrying a cow or another object dressed to resemble a Cow (Locally known as “Snacha”).With the aid of the holy cow, it is said that the departed spirit would succeed in his ascent to divinity, emancipating himself from Samsara.

The peculiar aspect of the celebration is that it instills in individuals a grateful acceptance of death.
A Malla king started the celebration to comfort his wife, who had been in excruciating pain and great sadness following the death of their son.

There is traditional dancing and music played to honor Gai Jatra ( Locally termed as “Ghentang Gisi”). The processions draw spectators. They enjoy masking themselves with amusing clothing and impersonation. They also use the occasion to parody the bad aspects of society that already exist. For nine days straight, the festival’s various mocking gestures keep the crowds delighted.

Additionally, the event starts just as the farmers are taking a break from a month of planting rice paddies during the monsoon. Therefore, they are also their relaxation days. They eat Newari food and Nine-Bean Soup (Qwati) n more newah delegacy. In other words, Gai Jatra festival is an effort to instill the Vedic philosophy that death is inevitable and hence there is no point to moan. Rather, we should overcome it through celebration.