Gathamuga Charhe

In Nepal Sambat, a celebration known as Gathamuga Charhe (गथांमुगः चर्हे) is observed on the day of Dillaga Chaturdashi. This celebration began in Lichchavi Era. The event known as Gathamuga Charhe (गथांमुगः चर्हे) comes first after Sina Jya (Rice Planting), which is regarded as the last festival of the year. This festival is known as Kayamcha Nakh (Boys’ Festival), while Sithi Nakha is known as Mhyamcha Nakha (Girls’ Festival).

After Bhalbhal Ashtami, is closed, therefore the instruments don’t start playing until this day.In Bhaktapur Navadurga Devgana, Lord Mahadev is created on this day. They gather earth from Akhandashila Mahabihar to create Mahadev, then they build the Mukundo (Mask) of Mahadev. The theme of this celebration is cleanliness in particular. Cleaning cannot be done during Sina Jya (Rice Planting). After Sina Jya (Rice Planting), he purges his home and transforms the evil (trash) into a monster to be killed in his home, community, and country. They used to worship ghosts since they could not labor as much as they could because there were many people who planted paddy but few people who worked. They employed the tantric technique to call upon spirits. The youngsters start stealing and eating more after Sina Jya (Rice Planting)., so they beat the ghosts by ringing the clock and hitting them with a hammer. However, there is not much work after Sina Jya (Rice Planting). because they eat so much. In this trend, they curse and utter profanities while burning Gathamug, and then after burning them in Dobato or Chaubato (Junctions), they come back calling themselves “Ramakrishna Basudev, Radhakrishna Basudev” and claiming to be God.

Gathamug is the name of this festival because it Ga (bell), Tha (sounding)and Muga (Hammer). It is thought that on this day, if youngsters are pushed to climb the flames of a Chwali lighted in the square, one of the mosquito’s fangs would be shattered, dispelling any fear of such spirits. hence less mosquito bites. On this day peoples  wears an iron ring on his hand and taken as “Chhen Bau Bigu” on this particular day in order to reinforce the house. In the Kathmandu Valley among Newa community on the of Gathamuga Charhe (गथांमुगः चर्हे) .

On this day, a unique Jatra is held in the pond situated side of Bal Kumari Temple in Madhyapur-Thimi, Bhaktapur. Some people swim to meet the Buffalo’s legs that the pilgrims have thrown into the pond. The pilgrims purchase the recovered foot and throw it back into the pond. About two hours pass during this process.