How And Where Gathamuga Charhe Celebrates in Bhaktapur?

On the day of Krishna Chaturdarshi is observed by Gathamuga Charhe (गथांमुगः चर्हे)  every year in July, although this year it falls on Tuesday, Shrawan 10. Locals in several locations of the city participate in the Gathamuga Charhe (गथांमुगः चर्हे-Gantakarna Festival ). In the settlements of the Newa community, this celebration is lavishly observed.

In comparison to other places, Bhaktapur City celebrates it differently. Different locations  observe it in different ways. In Dattatraya, it is built higher than the previous one as a special attraction, although clay is employed more in Suryamadhi Twocha Tole. Chicharan Byasi(Sano Byasi) also produces Two Misa and Mijan (Female and Male). The head of Gathamag is maintained at Poka-Tepa aka Gyampo (Earthen Pot). in most communities. On the other hand, males and girls are created simultaneously at Chicharan Byasi (Sano Byasi). Shalla Ganesha in front of Dattatraya Square used to light up the square with Five (5) Gathamag at once, but only Three (3) are lit now. At Tekhacho Tole of Barahishthan goes like Funeral (Malami),  When someone passes away, it is customary in to go, but in other places, it is joyfully commemorated.

In Bhaktapur, the head of Poka-Tepa aka Gyampo (Earthen Pot-a substantial mound of clay) is made with a face resembling a monster, while hands and feet are made with Reeds, Chawali, and Straw. Hanging Pomelo as Balls and a Penis-shaped straw and reed creation called a Gathamuga  is performed. Chawali is lit in the evening and transported outside the city to the Doka (Chaubato-Junctions ) where it is burned. Along the route, many melodies are rhythmically sung while burning.