Goddness Chandeshwori‘s exquisite temple can be found in Chasukhel, Ward No. 5 (Five) of Bhaktapur Municipality. The golden roofed temple with 2 (Two) Peacock statues fascinates anybody who looks at it. This temple is one of the valley’s oldest temples. To destroy the Chandasur Demon, Goddness Parvati assumed the shape of Goddness Chandeshwori.

Goddness Chandeshwori is also thought to be the Daughter of Kathmandu’s Swetkali (Naradevi). The Gods with Processions traveled to heaven after killing the monster. This day is commemorated by the Chandeshwori Jatra. This Jatra is unique in that it is held on the day before Baisakh Shukla Purnima and on the day of Purnima. In Newari, Goddness Chandeshwori is known as Chasudyo, and the day on which Chasudyo Jatra  is celebrated is also known as Chasu Punhi.

The prior day’s procession is known as the “Tipwa Jatra”.  On this day, Goddness Chandeshwori”s idol is set on fire. Those who see this isolated march are overcome with emotion. Another day is sacrifice worship, also known as “Sacrifice Worship,”(Bali-Puja) according to Hindu custom. Following the sacrifice, a beautiful procession known as “Chatamari Jatra” takes place.

Goddness Chandeshwori”s  Palanquins (Khat) is pulled on one side alone in this procession in Kutupali, Bhaktapur, while the devotees fly Chatamari. You can fly like a bird if you glance up towards the sky. Goddness Chandeshwori”s  Palanquins (Khat) is finally completed all around the palace. Goddness Chandeshwori‘a was revered by King Anandadev. He would not begin his day without first seeing his mother. According to folklore, when the king’s old age prevented him from seeing his mother, his mother traveled to the palace to pay her respects.

As a result, the Goddness Chandeshwori’s procession takes place only from Bhaktapur Durbar Square (Royal Palace) to Dattatraya (Old Layaku Durbar).Goddness Chandeshwori’s Jatra is a well-known Banepa Jatra. Goddness Chandeshwori Jatra will not begin in Banepa until the Bhaktapur Goddness Chandeshworis flowers and offerings have begun.