Changunarayan’s Kalash Yatra (Jatra) takes place twice a year, on Shrawan Shukla Dwadashi and Poush Shukla Purnima. Changunarayan’s kalash Jatra is conducted both of these times, and Hanuman Dhoka is brought to the palace. ‘Kantidya: Jatra’ is another name for this Jatra. Changunarayan’s Kalash Jatra is also celebrated on the day of Poush Shukla Purni (Mila Punhi).

A procession of three silver urns representing Lord Changunarayana, Goddess Lakshmi, and  Goddess Saraswati takes place on that occasion. When the Kalash Jatra arrives at Rani Pokhari, it is greeted by the Gurju squad with swords as the royal representative. While traveling in this manner, it is common to break old ceramic jars at crossroads. Lord  Changunarayan is expected to stay in this city and will not return. After the Kalash Jatra reaches the main square  of Hanuman Dhoka, it is customary to bring the Goddess Kumari  there and worship her.


In this regard, there is a legend. A monarch of Kantipur used to eat only after visiting Changunarayana Temple every day many years ago. However, due to a high flood in the Manhara River, he was unable to cross the river and reach Changunarayan Temple one day. He took care of Lord Narayan the next day after failing to cross the river. “Rajan, I am extremely satisfied with your dedication,” Lord Narayan told the king in a dream after seeing his disciple suffer. You don’t have to come to see me every day with sadness from now on. I will come to Hanumandhoka Durbar twice a year, on Shrawan Shukla Dwadashi and Poush Shukla Purnima, to pay my respects to you. It is believed that three silver urns representing Lord Narayan, Goddess  Lakshmi, and Goddess   Saraswati were removed from Changu and brought to Hanumandhoka Durbar at that time.