A pilgrimage to the Kaumari Temple is held on the third day of Bhaktapur Nawaraat (Nawaratri). The southernmost point of the sacred Mandala, which the Nawaraat (Nawaratri) pilgrimage is intended to honor, is marked by the temple of Kaumari Ajima. The Living Goddess Kumari, who is thought to be the current incarnation of the Goddess Taleju, should not be confused with the Goddess Kaumari.By taking the south path of Taumadhi Square, you can get to the Kaumari Temple.

Despite having a name similar to a real goddess, the Goddess Kaumari, also known as Kumari, is thought of as the female counterpart of God Kumar(Kartikeya), the Hindu God of War.

She goes by the name Goddess Kartiki. In the water, this goddess is seated. Axe adopts a spear, bow, and silver posture with his four hands. Lord Kartikeya has a maiden-like representation of Adi Shakti (Supreme Goddess) in his heart. In order to defend the universe from evil powers, Lord Kartikeya had to find inspiration. In Nepalbhasa, Mata Kaumari is referred to as “Pasi Ajima.”