The Maheshwori Temple, located in the southeast corner of the city’s outskirts, is where pilgrims customarily complete Day Two of the Bhaktapur Nawaraat (Nawaratri). Despite being a small, rarely attended temple throughout the rest of the year, the Maheshwori Temple has a unique significance during the Dashain Festival.It is said that Bhawani Maheshwori was created on the Second day of Navaraat. Bhawani Maheshwori Devi was founded by King Anand Dev at the Southeast part of Bhaktapur City. Goddess Maheshwori is revered in Hinduism as the embodiment of Lord Mahesh(Mahadev),” The Destroyer”. He represents a facet of Adi Shakti (Supreme Goddess). She is hence Mahesh’s source of power. In Nepalbhasa, Goddess Maheshwori is referred to as “Bata Ajima.

Goddess Maheshwori, who presides over the temple, is one of the Astamatrikas, a group of goddesses who are revered during the Nawaraat (Nawaratri) pilgrimage. The Hanumante River, with which the temple is connected, is situated along the banks of the temple.