Sa:Paru is an Night-day joyful event that known as  “GAI JATRA.” The highlights of the festival include dancing, singing, and pantomiming, as well as anything else that makes people smile and laugh. On the first day of the celebration, people whose loved ones had passed away participated with their children in a year-round procession of a decorated cow through the town dressed as cows or hermits.
The sacred animal aids the dead in navigating the ether on their journey to the afterlife. Because the afterlife’s doors are only open on this day, family members join the cow parade to ensure that their loved ones have an easy journey.

On Sa: Paru day, Bhaktapur‘s streets are crowded with bamboo structures wrapped in bright fabric and decorated with pictures of cows(Sancha) that stand in for the deceased. Sa:Paru imagines three Valley towns’ streets crowded with musical processions, children dressed as cows, and cheerfully decorated cows with flower garlands around their necks and colorful paper fans tied to their horns. At the crossroads, people are soliciting participants by passing out drinks and cookies. In Kathmandu, the Durbar Square cuts across the route of the celebrations, making it an ideal position to observe them.