If we look at the exact meaning of Sila Charhe (Shilachahre), we can see that it is as follows. Si denotes Lord Shiva, La denotes the Month, and Charhe denotes the Chaturdashi day. As a result, Sila Charhe (Shilachahre)refers to a Chaturdashi dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Civilization and society of Newa can be compared to that of the Bagmati. The Newa community celebrates and worships Shilachahre (Silachahre) on Maha-Shivaratri. The residents of Tole have a ritual of gathering on the road and charging a fee for their wallets and vehicles. It is traditional to go to the temple in the evening to worship and distribute offerings from the fees earned.

The Shila Mahina(Month) of Nepal Samvat is revered as a sacred site. Welcome to the Shila Mahina Puja of this year. Regarding the stone face, best of luck.

Maha-Shivaratri is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Lunar month, the night before the new moon rises. Tonight, the Earth’s North Pole is scientifically placed in such a way that it has been shown that the living organisms on the planet experience an enormous flow of energy and gravity. This is most likely why it is thought that nature is attracting individuals to the spiritual side of days. Staying awake all night to celebrate Shivaratri is also scientifically stated to carry this spiritual power, attraction, and awakening in one’s body.

Nepal is the land of cool shade of Kailash and faith of Hindus. Lord Pashupatinath is the sacred pasture like Shleshamantak forest mentioned in various mythological and religious documents. Sadhus who have attained perfection in various things come from different parts of India and Nepal to visit this place.

Today is Lord Shivas special and adored day. Lord Shiva, who has no form, who cannot be split by beginning and end, whose annihilation of anger can scatter all of the world’s components, today is Shiva‘s special and treasured day. This formless Shivatatwa is present in the formless, dried leaf that falls in the month of Falgun, from budding seedlings to seed germinated in the earth. The name may differ depending on the faith, and the understanding may differ, but we are the ones who gave Shivatatwa its name. Is the youngster a teenager or an adult? Many of us may be misinterpreting or misinterpreting Lord Shiva as an incredible deity who uses Marijuana, Cannabis, Dhaturo, and other substances, but the depth of creation and society is buried in all of Lord Shivas habits.

Today is the same Shiva’s wedding anniversary, and for seekers, today is the day when Lord Shiva became eternal, immortal, and immortal by adopting the form of a mountain, hence Shivaratri is also known as the night of immutability and fearlessness. Lord Shiva is not a god to yogis and seekers, but a primordial master who formalized and documented the teaching of yoga to the Saptarishis, the same yoga and practices that many people throughout the world follow today to keep healthy. May everyone’s well-being be ensured on this day, which has been dedicated to these morning heroes and Adiguru Shiva since time immemorial!