Nyatapola Dega Ya Busanda

Today Monday, the renowned Nyatapola Temple  (Pacha Talle Mandir )  in Bhaktapur celebrates its Birth Anniversary. The local Nepali term for it is Nyatapola Dyo Ya Busanda(बुंसा दँ), which translates to “The birthday of Nyatapola Temple  (Pacha Talle Mandir ) .” On this occasion, Goddness Siddhi Laxmi is worshipped inside the temple. In the temple, a flag has also been raised. Every year on Asar Shukla Pratipada, or the birthday, the flag is hoisted.

The jubilee was commemorated in honor of the temple’s 321st birthday. The temple has been in existence for 321 years after finishing 320 years. According to legend, in the year 822 of Nepal Sambat, King Bhupatindra Malla performed the first anniversary puja on the day of Asar Shaklapaksha Pratipada.

The residents of Bhaktapur city‘s Tuchhimala tole were lined up to celebrate the anniversary, as they do each year. They raised the flag as they got to the temple’s topper part of temple. They arrived at the temple entrance by entering the temple. Through the openings in the temple’s floors, they ascended to the top near by pinnacle.

The Nyatapola temple is a 18th century pagoda.

Jandattolan is a tradition that marks the occasion of the Nyatapola Temple  (Pacha Talle Mandir) ‘s building completion. The temple was established in Nepal on Paush Shukla Navami Samvat 822. The Awals of Tuchhimala are credited with creating the temple’s roof, according to legend. The Awales of the area of Tuchhimala participate in that task each year for this reason.